They are carried out through the methods radiestésicos physical and intuitive, by which the electromagnetic energies are detected generated by an electric current that is produced by the graze of the water in movement with the  particles of the land.

His service can be delivered in situ or to distance by teleradiestesia On plan. The teleradiestesia is utilized preferably to verify to distance the ground water feasibility in a property. For it is needed to have a plan to scale of the land where they may be correctly defined the perimeter limits along with the magnetic north.


The search in situ is utilized and is indispensable to measure the flow, depth and for define with precision the point of the well's construction.

The physical radiestésico method is that occupy the majority of the people that seek water with rods. To practice this method generally is not necessary to carry out a process of mental convection that is utilized in the method intuitive. This method has the disadvantage that to be able to carry out the researches meter to meter should walk the land, what a method does it cansador and unworkable in large surfaces of land.

The intuitive method on the other hand is carried out generally with a pendulum And it functions in similar form to when we tune in a radio choosing with the dial our frequency preferred, blocking in this way the sound of the remainder of the radio stations. Permits him al user to be connected only with the energias they desired in which concentrates ruling out other similar that be able been present. This method has the faster advantage to be since can be located with a single position of the pendulum the point sought in function of the question and the codigos that mentally establish the user.

To carry out the water nappe detections any method can be utilized or both combined depending on the topographical conditions and the surface of the land.

These methods Radiestésicos if apply correctly they are a 100% dependable and troops In their results, the errors of detection can be presented when themselves is not detected in the epoch but unfavorable of summer or when very weak volumes are found that do not deliver the sufficient quantity of water to satisfy the needs of the constituent.

The prices of the detections they are variable Depending on the surface of the land, of its location and of the urgency of the service.

These services are totally they guaranteed With relation to the positive results that are expected to obtain once built the well.